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Winter is Coming

While winter has not officially started a large chunk of the county has already experienced winter weather. A large snow storm hit the midwest causing delays over the Thanksgiving holidays. While we cannot predict the weather we can protect ourselfs from the damages it may cause. Winterizing your home is a very important part of protecting your home each winter. Items to look for when winterizing your home are turning off any pipes going to the outside, checking the heat pump for your home, adjusting the thermostat. Check the link down below for more tips and tricks. Being a homeowners comes with a new set of responsibilities. There is no landlord to call if something breaks and busts, YOU'RE THE LANDLORD NOW! So it is very important to protect your property. Being in the Virginia area the winters can unpredictable. Some times it only snows a few inches other season a few feet! You may have gotten a great deal on your home but that all can be wiped out with one bad accident to your home so do what you can before it is too late.

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