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The Internet is Full Steam Ahead

If you have lived on a different planet over these last 2 decades then you may not know that the use of the internet has exploded. We use the internet for everything, such as navigation, streaming movies, talking to friends. The largest impact can be shown in shopping! This years online Black Friday has smashed the record again. Americans spent about 7.4 billion dollars online on Black Friday which is 20 percent higher then in 2018 according to CNBC. Now this trend does not look to be slowing down. The internet is growing year after year and the impact it is had on real estate is no different. If your looking to move to the Stafford or Spotsylvania where Chrismarr does business you probably will look online before you call an agent. You probably look on Redfin or Zillow see what is out thre and then ask the agent what information they can provide about those houses. There is nothing wrong with that approach, the more information as an agent our clients have the better job we can do to provide the best service. The internet is breaking down the needs for a middleman. While with buying or selling a house many people prefer a human to work with but it is not immune to change. Here are Chrismarr we welcome the change, we like to make the buying or selling processes of a home the happiest moments of your life. The consumer market will determine how we will buy or sell homes however in my opinion I believe the internet is here to stay. With this booming economy Americans are expected to spend more this holiday season then ever before and many of those dollars will be going online.

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